VT Accounts Suite

Free for 60 days
Then £175 + VAT / year

Contents: VT Final Accounts, VT Filer, VT Transaction+, VT Cash Book, VT Fact Viewer, VT MTD for Excel

VT Transaction+

Free for 60 days
Then £85 + VAT / year

Contents: VT Transaction+, VT Cash Book, VT MTD for Excel

VT Cash Book


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Fast, flexible and simple desktop accounting software

VT Software is a well-established accounting software company in the UK, which has been providing software products for accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses for over 25 years.

The applications are popular for their speed, ease-of-use and value for money. The principal programs are:

VT Transaction+

VT Transaction+ is a fully featured desktop bookkeeping program, which is fast, flexible and simple to use. It is part of the VT Transaction+ package, which also includes VT Cash Book and VT MTD for Excel.

The software is recognised by HMRC as being compatible with Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT.

VT Transaction+ accounting software
  • Submit Making Tax Digital VAT returns to HMRC

  • Account for reverse charge VAT and VAT on imports and exports

  • Enter or import transactions (including bank statement CSV files)

  • Create sales invoices and email to customers

  • Perform bank reconciliations

  • Generate reports including profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance, transactions and aged debtors/creditors

  • Export reports to spreadsheets

  • Unlimited number of transactions, sales invoices, VAT returns and businesses

  • Multi-currency

VT Final Accounts

VT Final Accounts is an add-in for Microsoft Excel, which allows you to import or enter a trial balance and generate a set of professionally formatted financial statements under FRS 102/FRS 105. Templates for unincorporated businesses are also included.

The financial statements can easily be converted to iXBRL and filed with Companies House using the integrated VT Filer program.

Both products are included in the VT Accounts Suite, which also includes VT Transaction+, VT Cash Book, VT Fact Viewer and VT MTD for Excel.

  • Prepare professionally formatted accounts in Excel, either directly from a trial balance in VT Transaction+ (included), or by importing or entering any trial balance

  • Convert accounts to PDF and iXBRL files

  • File iXBRL accounts with Companies House using the filing tool, VT Filer (included)

  • Generate iXBRL accounts and tax computation files for HMRC (can be attached to most third-party tax filing software)

  • Unlimited number of submissions to Companies House, iXBRL files and businesses 

VT Cash Book

VT Cash Book is a free cash book program for recording payments and receipts, and includes a bank reconciliation function.

It is for suitable for businesses who account for income and expenditure on a cash basis (when payments are received and made, rather than when invoiced).

For businesses who account for income and expenditure on an accruals basis (when invoiced), VT Transaction+ is required.

You can view data from VT Transaction+ in VT Cash Book regardless of whether or not you have a subscription.

VAT returns can also be submitted to HMRC from VT Cash Book (which requires a subscription to VT Transaction+).

VT Cash Book is free except for the MTD for VAT features.

Excellent value for money

VTs lowest priced package, VT Transaction+ is £85 + VAT a year, for a single user.

This enables you to carry out complete bookkeeping and VAT return submissions for an unlimited number of businesses.

There are also no limits to the number of invoices that can be created or transactions that can be entered in VT Transaction+, and you gain access to all its features (except for Agent Services Account submissions).

Should you need to submit accounts to Companies House, or use an Agent Services Account for VAT, the full VT Accounts Suite also provides excellent value at £175 + VAT a year for a single user.


VT's programs are desktop applications and therefore do not need an internet connection to operate (except for installation, or submission to HMRC/Companies House).

This means the functionality of the software is very quick with no time lag. Transactions can also be imported in bulk, including bank statement files.

Easy to use

One of the most popular aspects of VT's programs is their simplicity. The programs are very intuitive and simple to use.

You can test this for yourself by taking a free 60 day trial of VT Transaction+ or VT Final Accounts, and following the steps in the quick start guides:

MTD for VAT compliant

All VAT registered businesses must submit VAT returns to HMRC using Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT compatible software.

You can submit VAT returns to HMRC either from the bookkeeping software (VT Transaction+/VT Cash Book), or from an Excel spreadsheet using VT MTD for Excel. These programs are HMRC recognised as being MTD for VAT compatible.