Enabling the VT add-ins in Excel    

After the VT add-ins have been installed, they must also be enabled (ie ticked) in the Add-Ins dialog in Excel. To display the Add-Ins dialog:

  • In the Search box at the top of Excel, type Add-ins and press the Enter key
  • Alternatively, choose File>Options>Add-Ins>Manage Excel Add-Ins>Go (in Excel 2003 choose Tools>Add-Ins)

You only need to tick the add-ins that you need. It is recommended that you keep the VT Function Library add-in ticked at all times.

When the add-ins are enabled, an Add-ins tab appears on the ribbon at the top of Excel. This tab contains the toolbars and drop down menus for the VT add-ins.


The Search box in Excel was previously captioned Tell me what you want to do

If the add-ins are not listed, you may need to re-install VT Accounts to the same folder as the version of Excel that you are using.

VT Software>Enabling the VT add-ins in Excel