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VT Cash Book

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Quick start

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1.Start the software by double clicking on the VT Cash Book shortcut on your desktop. If you chose not to install a shortcut, click the Start button on the bottom left of the screen, select VT from the list of programs and then select VT Cash Book

2.Create a new company/business data file by choosing the New Company command from the File menu (Alternatively, an existing file can be opened by choosing the Open Company command from the File menu, or by double clicking on it in a folder in Windows.).

3.You will be prompted to enter the name of the business, and select a chart of accounts. The following chart of accounts templates can be chosen:






Self Employment

Sole Trader


4.If you need to modify or create any new accounts, including customer and supplier accounts, please carry out the steps outlined in Accounts and ledgers.

5.Set the dates of the current financial year by clicking on the box at the bottom of the screen that says [year not set] and then entering the dates.


6.Enter transactions by clicking on the transaction buttons on the main toolbar, or by choosing commands from the Transaction menu. For more details please refer to Transaction entry methods.

7.If you have not being using VT Cash Book since your business started, you will have some opening account balances to enter. To enter opening balances, please refer to Opening balances.

8.Display accounts and other reports by choosing a command from the Display menu.