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VT Cash Book

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Technical support

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Support is provided to users who have purchased a current annual subscription for VT Transaction+. This includes support for both VT Cash Book and VT Transaction+, however support is not available to users of either program who have not purchased an annual subscription to VT Transaction+.

VT Software will normally only provide support for one person per license. VT Software will only provide support to registered users/current subscribers.

If you have a problem, please read the relevant section of this user guide first. Support information is also available on the web at

Support enquiries should be sent by email to Your email should include your name and postcode or customer number so that your database record can be found.

In some circumstances it may also be helpful to attach the VT Cash Book file you are working on. In Microsoft Outlook a file can be attached to an email by dragging and dropping it from your Documents folder onto the email. Provided your email program is set up as the default mail program in Windows, you can also send a file as an email attachment by choosing the Send As Email Attachment command from the File menu of VT Cash Book itself.

VT Software can provide support on how to operate the software, but cannot advise on the correct accounting treatment for individual transactions. If you are in doubt, you should consult your accountant.