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VT is frequently mentioned on the AnyAnswers section of AccountingWeb. Excerpts from a selection of comments are quoted below.


Anyone created their own bookkeeping software?

"A very fast, nimble and very reasonably priced product as you describe exists already - VT Transaction+"

 "I use VT Transactions+ whenever I can, with clients uploading documents to our secure area, and it's excellent all round...."

"...VT is low cost and very easy for clients to use. The data is easy for the client to backup and send to me"

"VT Transaction+ has excellent sales and purchase ledgers, and ticks every box on your list except not being online.."

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Software for a small practice

"VT is streets ahead for accounts production and reasonably priced"

"For small practices, VT Software is very good and itís cheap"

"VT for bookkeeping and accounts preparation"

"VT Transaction+ for bookkeeping"

"VT for book-keeping and accounts"

"I use VT for bookkeeping and final accounts"

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"Loving VT.....The operation is actually a pleasure to use."

"You've finally discovered why many of us have been banging on about VT for ten years or so! It only gets better the more you use it & discover how many extra, useful, features it has."

"We've used VT for a long time and like it very much."

"I heartily agree that VT Transaction+ is fantastic. I've been a user for about ten years now as a sole practioner and find it indispensable combined with VT Final Accounts"

"If VT Transaction Plus were ever discontinued, I would seriously consider retiring."

"VT does what it says on the can! And it does it well."  

"It fits my practice completely." 

"VT Software is your passion and I and countless others simply love it."

"Among the many pleasures of using VT is the sheer speed of it."

AccountingWeb 2023, AnyAnswers, accessed 21 November 2023, <>.


VT in a cloud?

"I'm a huge fan of VT software. I find it flexible and agile." 

"I agree entirely that VT+ is superb."

"I also agree about the ease of use of VT+ and have used it for a many years"

"With VT, everything is so easy, easy to move a select number of items from one account to another, easy to match payments to invoices, easy to change dates."

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Desktop bookkeeping software

"VT Transaction Plus is desktop only. It is cheap, simple, reliable, intuitive, flexible, and AFAIK bug-free"

"Bookkeeping can be posted in VT in a fraction of the time required by cloud-based software, and the same is true for extraction of reports, and correction of errors."

"VT is good value and relatively easy to use. Its strength is that it does not suffer from endless updates of features you do not need and works reliably year after year."

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Which software for MTD

"Another vote for VT. Its a doddle for VAT"

"Another vote for's a great bit of kit and easy to work around"

"VT Plus gets my vote too....I have used it for years, it is much more user friendly than some of the software packages out there"

"VT is the way to go. Super easy to input individual entries and the universal input sheet is OK once you get used to it. A clean easy to use bit of kit."

"In my opinion it is the best value accounts system for small businesses and companies on the market."

"I would join the recommendations for VT Transaction+. By far my favourite accounting software."

AccountingWeb 2022, AnyAnswers, accessed 21 November 2023, <>.

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