Excel 2016    
VT Final Accounts runs in all versions of Excel from Excel 2002 to Excel 2016.

However, if you have upgraded to Excel 2016 from an earlier version of Excel that had VT installed then there may be an issue with the VT toolbar in Excel 2016.

Unlike previous versions of Excel, Excel 2016 inherits custom toolbars from an earlier version of Excel on your PC. In VT's case this is not appropriate because the toolbar will point to the wrong add-in location.

Whenever you upgrade Excel you should re-install VT and re-tick the VT add-ins in the Add-Ins dialog.

The latest version of VT Final Accounts (June 2016, release 2 - first published on 1 Aug 2016) contains code that automatically detects and deletes an incorrectly installed toolbar. You will be prompted to close and re-start Excel. You may need to do this more than once.

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