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System requirements

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Simple and straight forward to use

Generates iXBRL accounts and tax computation files for attaching to Corporation Tax return

Electronically files accounts with Companies House

Micro entity company template (FRS 105)

Small company template (FRS 102 section 1A)

Medium/large company template (FRS 102)

Small limited liability partnership template (FRS 102 section 1A)

Sole trader template

Partnership template

Medium/large company template contains automatic cash flow statement

Choice of no report, accountants report (ICAEW or ACCA wording), chartered accountants report, chartered accountants assurance report or audit report

Optional Bannerman and PASE clauses for audit report

Templates are regularly updated

Trial balance and non-numeric data can be automatically transferred between workbooks that are based on different generations or types of templates

Trial balance can be entered manually into the TB sheet in Excel or automatically obtained from a VT Transaction+ or VT Cash Book file

Trial balance can be automatically imported from most third party accounting packages

The TB sheet can be converted into an extended trial balance with up to 250 adjustment columns

Adjustments can be entered into the extended trial balance manually or using a journal dialog

Double entry style reports (including a nominal ledger) based on the extended trial balance can be displayed or printed

Text that depends on the results such as profit, loss or profit/(loss) is automatically altered

Negative numbers automatically shown in brackets and correctly aligned

Automatic hiding of lines and notes with nil balances

Automatic note numbering

Warning given before printing if the accounts do not balance or if the current year is inconsistent with the comparative year

Special print button prints out and correctly numbers all the sheets that make up the printed part of the accounts

Accounts can be printed to a pdf file or emailed to clients using freely available pdf writers

Profit and loss account and balance sheet in tax return format can be exported to tax software packages (for unincorporated businesses)

Unlimited number of clients/companies

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