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VT Final Accounts

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Accounting policies

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You can hide or unhide the policies included in the accounting policies note by clicking on the Policies And Paragraphs button on the VT toolbar. This displays the Policies And Paragraphs dialog.

11 Policies Policies And Paragraphs button

Some parts of the directors report can also be hidden using the Policies And Paragraphs dialog.

The settings in the Policies And Paragraphs dialog do not take effect until you turn AutoHide on.

Inserting a new accounting policy

The easiest way to insert a new policy is to choose the Accounting Policy command (VT Final Accounts>Insert menu). You should select the top row of an existing policy, or the row immediately above the following note if the new policy is to be at the bottom, before you choose the command. For more information, see the Accounting Policy command.

You could insert the policy using standard techniques, but using the Accounting Policy command is easier and ensures that the new policy appears in the Policies And Paragraphs dialog.