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VT Final Accounts

We have notified McAfee that their anti-virus program incorrectly detects a file from VT Final Accounts (called vtprep.xla) as a virus and blocks this file.

Switching off the anti-virus setting in McAfee does not resolve the issue, neither does restoring the blocked file vtprep.xla in McAfee.

Therefore, until McAfee update their anti-virus program, the only solution to this issue is to uninstall McAfee (see steps below), then reinstall VT Final Accounts.

To uninstall a program on Windows 10

Please follow the steps at

To uninstall a program on Windows 11

Please follow the steps at

Ensuring you still have anti-virus protection after uninstalling McAfee

When McAfee is uninstalled, and provided you have no other anti-virus programs on your machine, Windows Security will automatically switch on, which contains an anti-virus function. Therefore you should not have any gap in your anti-virus protection. You can check that Windows Security is on by referring to the guidance at