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Applying for a presenter account with Companies House

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In order to file accounts with VT Filer, you must apply for a presenter account. You will then be issued with a Presenter ID and Presenter authentication code by Companies House.

There is no fee payable for filing accounts. Hence there is no need to apply for a Companies House credit account, although you could do so instead.

You will be prompted to enter the presenter ID and code into VT Filer when you first click the Submit button. Alternatively, you can choose the Presenter Details command from the Set Up menu at any time.

Please note that the presenter ID and presenter authentication code are not the same as the email address and password (formerly called security code) that you may have used for web filing.

The presenter ID should be 11 characters long and the presenter authentication code should also be 11 characters long.

Volume users of web filing may already have been issued with a presenter ID and presenter authentication code. You may continue to use these codes with VT Filer. However, the codes are case sensitive in VT Filer (this is beyond the control of VT Software) but are case insensitive for web filing.

In addition to the presenter ID and presenter authentication code, you will also need the company authentication code for each company you are filing accounts for.