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AutoHide and fixed assets

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The rows in the fixed asset and investment notes are hidden in the same way as other notes, but AutoHide cannot hide or move columns so easily and so a special system is used for the fixed asset and investment columns.

AutoHide looks at the numbers for fixed assets on the Workings sheet and copies the column for any category which is not nil to the Notes sheet. If there is more than one category, the total column is also copied. If there is only one category, it is placed where the total column normally appears.

Because of the automatic nature of the columnar part of the fixed asset and investment notes, they can only be modified in a limited way:

1.The column headings can be changed. This must be done on the Workings sheet. Any changes you make directly to the Notes sheet will be overwritten when you turn AutoHide on or off

2.New rows can be inserted. A new row must be identically inserted into both the Workings sheet and the Notes sheet or else you will get an error message when AutoHide is evaluated

You can stop AutoHide automatically copying and moving the fixed asset or investment columns by deleting the following defined names (click the Name Manager menu on the Formulas tab):

Fixed asset note





Investment note




In a manual entry workbook, absolute references are used in the formulas in the fixed asset note on the Workings sheet (for instance TB!$E$85 instead of TB!E85). This prevents the formulas being altered when they are copied by AutoHide.