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Blank or unwanted pages

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Some users experience problems with blank or unwanted pages. This would not matter so much if it did not mess up the page numbering. To remedy the problem, the first task is to identify, if it is not obvious, which sheet the blank page belongs to. You can do this by clicking on the Excel print preview button for a sheet and seeing how many pages are displayed.

There are a number of potential causes of blank pages printing:

An unwanted manual page break has been inserted into the sheet - try clicking on the Remove All Page Breaks button on the VT toolbar

The columns are a bit too wide and the sheet is printing on a second page to the right - try reducing the width of one of the columns slightly

The name of the business on the Cover sheet is too wide - reduce the font size used for the business name

The sheet is just longer than one page - try deleting an unwanted row in the sheet

Some users still have a blank page printing even though none of the above apply. Excel should not print a blank page but it does. The solution is to set up a print area which forces Excel to only print out the required part of the sheet. This fixes the problem because Excel only numbers pages which are printed.

To set up a print area, select the last cell which should be printed at the bottom right of the sheet and then choose the Set VT Print Area command (VT Final Accounts File menu). This always fixes the problem, unless of course the sheet really is slightly wider than one page or slightly longer than you think.