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Reinstall 32-bit Office

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The VT addins require the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office. If you are using the 64-bit version, follow the steps below to install the 32-bit version. VT Software does not provide technical support on reinstalling Microsoft Office.

1. Uninstall 64-bit Office

Note: Before uninstalling Office, please ensure that you have a valid license for Microsoft Office in order to reinstall it:

a)On your PC, right-click on the Windows icon:


then select Settings > Apps > Apps & Features (called Installed Apps on Windows 11)

b)Click on the Microsoft Office/365 application from the list of apps and select Uninstall:


c)If you have any other installations of Office on your PC (which have 'Office' or '365' in the name) and/or individual versions of Office programs (e.g. Word, OneNote, Access), uninstall them in the same way.

2. Install 32-bit Office