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Add-ins missing

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If you cannot see the Add-ins menu in Excel:

The following add-ins menu should appear automatically when you have installed the software.


If you cannot see them, this is due to one of the following reasons:

1.VT add-ins have not been activated

2.VT Accounts has not been installed

3.Add-ins menu is turned off

4.Sage 50 update has renamed the Add-ins menu

5.VT add-ins have been installed to a different folder than Excel

6.VT add-ins have been disabled

7.Anti-virus software is blocking VT add-ins

The most common reason is 1. Therefore, firstly check that the add-ins are activated as shown in 1. below. If the add-ins menu still does not appear, try the other actions listed.

1.VT add-ins have not been activated

To activate the add-ins:

In Excel, select File>Options>Addins>Manage:Excel Addins:Go...

In the list of Add-ins, you should see four VT add-ins

Make sure the VT add-ins are ticked, and any add-ins that you do not use are unticked as follows:


Click on OK, then close and re-open Excel and you should then see the Add-ins menu.

If there are no VT add-ins listed, you need to install VT Accounts, see step 2.

2.VT Accounts has not been installed

If you do not see the list of VT add-ins in the screenshot above, you need to re-install the correct program from here.

3.Add-ins menu is turned off

To turn on the Add-ins menu:

In Excel, select File>Options>Customize Ribbon:

Customise ribbon

Tick the Add-ins tab from the list on the right

Click on OK, then close and re-open Excel

If after doing the above, the Add-ins menu still does not appear, go back into File>Options>Customize Ribbon and click on the Reset button on the right, then click on OK and restart Excel

4. Sage 50 update has renamed Add-ins menu

This section is only relevant if you have Sage 50 installed on your PC.

Some VT users had reported installing an update to Sage 50 (version 27.0, October 2020) which renamed the Add-ins menu as 'Sage 50'.

If you cannot see a menu called 'Add-ins; but there is one called 'Sage 50', it is likely that the VT add-ins can be found under this menu. This is a cosmetic issue and does not affect the functionality of the VT add-ins. To rename the menu back to 'Add-ins' you will need to contact Sage to enquire if there is subsequent update which addresses this issue.

Alternatively you can select Select File>Options>Addins>Manage COM Addins:Go...

You should see two Sage addins listed:

Sage Excel Integrated reporting/Sage integration

Sage Excel Integration

Untick the first add-in and tick the second add-in, then close and restart Excel. You should then see the Add-ins menu, and a separate Sage menu.

5.  VT Add-ins have been installed to a different folder to Excel

The folder where the VT Add-ins are installed to should be the same folder as the Excel application, as shown in the screenshot below.

The installation process automatically detects this folder, however if you have more than one version of Excel on your PC, it may not detect the version you use. You can set it to the correct folder by clicking on Change Folder...:  

VT accounts setup

If you do not know the folder where Excel is located, open Excel, then press the CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys at the same time on your keyboard, and select Task Manager.

In Task Manager, right-click on the Excel icon and select Open file location which will point you to the folder.

Excel location

6.VT add-ins have been disabled

Sometimes a Microsoft update can cause this to happen. To re-enable them:

In Excel, select File>Options>Add-ins>Manage:Excel Add-ins

Click on the down arrow next to Excel Add-ins and select Disabled Items, then Go:


In the list of disabled add-ins that appears, select any that begin with VT and select Enable

Restart Excel

7.Anti-virus software is blocking VT Add-ins

If none of the actions above fix the issue, the cause may be your anti-virus software falsely detecting one of the VT addins as a virus and blocking it. You will know if this is the case as your anti-virus program will generate a message notifying you of this. To resolve this issue, refer to Anti-virus software is falsely preventing installation of VT.