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Company authentication codes

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A company authentication code is needed for each set of accounts that you file. You are prompted to enter the code when you click the Submit button. The code will be remembered next time you file accounts with the same registered number. More...

Please note that company authentication codes are case sensitive.

The following is extracted from the Companies House software filing FAQ's sheet:

The reason for Company authentication codes

To replace the signature on paper forms and to comply with the Companies Act, all documents received via the Software Filing service must be authenticated by (or on behalf of) the company concerned. Before documents can be filed electronically for a company, that company must notify Companies House in writing of the code that it will use to authenticate documents, and details of who will be responsible for presenting them. Every document filed electronically MUST bear the relevant company authentication code or it will be rejected.

Can more than one company have the same code?

Yes. Groups of companies can choose to have the same authentication code. However, in order to comply with the Companies Act the code must initially be delivered to Companies House in writing by the company concerned signed by a serving officer of the company. This may be done by presenters collating the information from the companies concerned and forwarding to Companies House with the initial application form. In this case, companies must confirm that they have authorised the particular presenter to deliver information on their behalf.

Can codes be changed?

Yes. Companies can inform Companies House of a new code to be used from a specified date either in writing or via the WebFiling service. Following this date, documents must use the new code. Companies House also reserves the right to require a company to change its code.

How are new companies allocated codes?

If the incorporation is in paper format, the newly incorporated companies can be allocated codes as already described. Alternatively, you may request that a given code is allocated against all companies incorporated by yourselves. You should inform Companies House in writing if you wish to invoke this option.

If the incorporation is in an electronic format then a facility exists to specify a company authentication code with incorporation details.