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VT Final Accounts

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Displaying reports

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Double entry style reports can be displayed or printed by clicking on the report buttons at the right-hand end of the VT toolbar. The reports are the same as the ones found in VT Transaction+ except that they are generated by reading the TB sheet.

The reports do not apply to the comparatives.

The reports cannot be displayed if any column on the TB sheet does not balance to zero (except for the comparatives), or if you have customised the TB sheet in some unexpected way (such as inserting a sub-total column).

The reports available are:

21 Display TB Trial balance

22 Display Transactions List of all journals/adjustments

23 Display Accounts Accounts (list of all accounts on the left of the dialog, entries in the currently selected account on the right)

In each report there are buttons to also display the Ledgers Report and the Transactions Report (these give a full audit trail of all journals/adjustments).

In any of the reports, you can click on an entry or journal with the right mouse button to edit or delete it, just as you can in VT Transaction+.

The Accounts dialog is particularly useful for quickly reviewing all entries. The Accounts dialog can also be displayed by double clicking on the name of an account on the TB sheet, or anywhere else on the same row as the account that does not contain a data column.