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VT Final Accounts

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Accounts do not balance (linked entry workbooks)

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There can only be two reasons why the accounts do not balance:


1.Carried forward figures in the comparative trial balance do not agree with the corresponding brought forward figures in the current year trial balance
2.Custom alterations have been incorrectly made to the workbook


Sometimes a single mistake in the workbook can cause several balance tests to fail, especially if you have a cash flow statement.


If you are not familiar with using VT Final Accounts, read The linked entry trial balance.


If any of the tests show the <errorvalue> result, you may have deleted cells which are referred to elsewhere in the workbook. See the Do's and Don'ts paragraph in the Modifying workbooks topic.


You can re-check the balance tests at any time by clicking on the Check Balance Tests button.

_bm18 Check balance tests button on the VT toolbar


Tips for correcting imbalances

If you do not require a balance sheet, comparative columns or a cash flow statement, make sure they are unticked in the Workbook Properties dialog. This turns off any balance tests which they affect

_bm35 Workbook properties button on the VT toolbar


Before looking for an imbalance, it is a good idea to turn AutoHide off so you can see everything more clearly

_bm12 AutoHide On/Off button the VT toolbar


You can adjust or enter comparative figures by clicking on the Manually Enter Comparatives button

_bm30 Manually Enter Comparatives button on the VT toolbar


If you have created new headings in the Trial Balance Analyser, you should have incorporated them all in the workbook using the Insert Financial Row button. You can check this by choosing the Check All TB Headings Included command (VT Final Accounts Tools menu)

_bm15 Insert New Financial Row button on the VT toolbar


If you have inserted new rows other than in a list of existing numbers, make sure you have modified the lead profit and loss account or balance sheet to pick up the amounts correctly


If you have a cash flow statement, new headings (unless they are part of operating profit, stocks or debtors) must also be added to the cash flow workings - see Inserting a new financial row into the cash flow workings.


If you have a cash flow statement, each column of the cash flow statement should add up to zero


Check you have not overwritten or deleted any of the formulas which link the accounts to the trial balance


Click on the Print TB button in the Trial Balance Analyser and then tick off each amount in the TB against the amounts shown in the workbook

_bm29 Trial Balance Analyser button on the VT toolbar


If all else fails, consider starting a new workbook