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VT Final Accounts

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Importing a trial balance

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To import a trial balance, click on the Import Trial Balance button on the VT toolbar.

importTB button Import Trial Balance button

You can choose to import into either the current year or comparative year columns in Excel.

Import method

A trial balance can be imported via any of the following:

A CSV file. A CSV file is simply a text file where the columns are separated by commas. You can export a trial balance as a CSV file from most third party accounting packages

A text file where the columns are separated by tab characters. This is the format you would get if you copied and pasted part of a spreadsheet into the Notepad text editor utility supplied with Windows, and then saved it as a file

Data directly copied from a spreadsheet using the Copy command on the Edit menu or Home tab of the spreadsheet

If you are importing directly from a spreadsheet, simply copy the relevant part of the spreadsheet before clicking on the Import Trial Balance button.

Data format

The format of the data should normally be as follows:

Column A

Column B

Column C

Column D

Account code

Account description (if account code column is not meaningful)

Debit amount

Credit amount

The data should not contain any header rows.


Screenshot of a trial balance from another accounts package

The above format is used by most accounts packages. There are also options for:

Data that has a leading date column. This is used by some versions of Sage. VT ignores the date.

Data where the debits and credits are all in column 3 with credits shown as minus. This may be useful if you are importing from a bespoke spreadsheet.

Matching imported accounts to headings on the TB sheet in Excel

Imported accounts can be matched to the headings used on the TB sheet in the TB Converter dialog.

To display this dialog, click on the TB Converter button in the import dialog. The converter dialog is also automatically shown when you import a trial balance if all the accounts have not previously been matched.

Assign each of the accounts from the imported TB to the appropriate VT heading, by clicking on an account on the left of the screen and then selecting the VT heading on the right. Once complete, click OK.


Screenshot of the TB Converter

Several imported accounts can be matched to one VT heading.

When you click OK in the converter dialog the data in it is saved in a conversion table in a hidden part of the workbook for future use. You do not have to match all the accounts before you click OK, but you cannot import until they are all matched.

The conversion table is pre-filled with most standard Sage 4 digit account codes (if your imported trial balance uses similar codes but with a different meaning, choose the Edit>Clear TB Conversion Table command from the VT Final Accounts menu).

If you have a large number of imported accounts that need matching, click on the Auto Assign button in the converter dialog. This automatically matches accounts based on similar names or descriptions.

Conversion tables can be copied and pasted between workbooks using the commands on the Edit sub-menu of the VT Final Accounts menu.

Importing from VT Transaction+

Although it is usually far better to use a workbook directly linked to VT Transaction+, it is possible to import a trial balance from VT Transaction+ into a manual entry workbook as follows:

Choose the Edit>Export Trial Balance command in VT Transaction+ and then click on the Import Trial Balance button in Excel; or alternatively

Choose the Edit>Copy Standard Trial Balance command in VT Transaction+ and then choose the Edit>Paste Accounts Data command from the VT Final Accounts menu in Excel

Standard VT Transaction+ account names are automatically recognised.

Re-importing a trial balance

If the source trial balance has changed, or you want to change some of the VT headings that imported accounts are matched to, simply click on the Import Trial Balance button again. You do not have to match imported accounts to VT headings again as this data will already have been saved in the conversion table.

Audit trail

To display or print a trail of how the current year trial balance in Excel is made of imported account balances, choose the Ledgers Report command from the VT Bookkeeping menu.