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Inserting a new financial row

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A financial row is a row in the accounts linked to the trial balance. New financial rows are typically added to the Notes or DetailPL2 sheets.

Before reading this topic, you should be familiar with the Difference between accounts and headings and Trial Balance Analyser topics.

It is not practical to rename unused existing headings in linked workbooks. You should always create new ones instead. You do not need to worry about unused existing headings because AutoHide automatically hides them.

Inserting a new financial row is potentially a three stage process:

An account must be created in VT Transaction+ (unless you are just changing where an existing account appears). New accounts can be created in VT Transaction+ from any of the transaction entry dialogs, or by choosing the Set Up>Accounts command

A new heading must be created in the Trial Balance Analyser dialog

The heading must be inserted into the appropriate place in Excel using the Insert Financial Row button (for instance into the Notes or DetailPL2 sheets)

Step by step

Assuming that the necessary account already exists in VT Transaction+, the step by step instructions for inserting a new financial row are as follows:

04 TB Analyser Click on the Trial Balance Analyser button on the VT toolbar in Excel

In the Trial Balance Analyser dialog select the relevant account (such as Director's loan) on the left-hand side and then click on the Create a new heading caption        

Close the Trial Balance Analyser        

Select the cell above which the new heading is to appear, for instance the cell containing the Other creditors line in the creditors note on the Notes sheet, or a cell on the DetailPL2 sheet. See also: Which cell to select when inserting a new financial row.

15 Insert Fin Row Click on the Insert Financial Row button on the VT toolbar

In the Insert Financial Row dialog, select the new heading from the list and click on the OK button. A new row will be inserted in the accounts with formulas linking it to the trial balance

If you have a cash flow statement and the new heading is not part of operating profit, debtors or stocks you will need to insert the new row in an appropriate place on the CFWorkings sheet. You can use the Insert Financial Row button to do this as well. See Inserting a new financial row into the cash flow workings

If you have inserted the new row into an existing list on the Notes or DetailPL2 sheets, the new row will be automatically included in the lead profit and loss account or balance sheet. If you have inserted it elsewhere, you may need to modify these sheets to pick up the numbers in the new row. If you modify the lead PL sheet in a company, you will also need to make a similar modification to the DetailPL1 sheet and vice versa

Column style notes

You cannot use the Insert Financial Row button to insert a new row in a column style note such as fixed assets. If you need to modify these notes, you should use standard Excel commands and the Insert TB function button on the VT Utility toolbar.