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VT Final Accounts

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Moving VT Final Accounts to another PC

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Do not copy the VT Final Accounts executable file (vtainstall.exe) from the original PC. Instead, download the latest version of the VT Final Accounts package from VT's website. This installation includes the following programs: VT Final Accounts, VT Transaction+, VT Cash Book, VT MTD for Excel, VT Filer and VT Fact Viewer.

If you wish to start using the VT Final Accounts package on a new PC:

1.Ensure the new PC is compatible by checking the system requirements.

2.Download and install VT Final Accounts on your new PC.

3.After installation you should automatically see an Add-Ins menu in Excel which contains the VT add-ins (when you open any workbook. If they are not visible, you can activate them as follows:

a)In Excel select File>Options>Add-Ins>Manage Excel Add-ins:Go.

b)You will then see the Excel Add-Ins dialog with a list of Excel add-ins. Ensure that all the add-ins that start with VT are ticked and that any non-VT add-ins, that you do not use are unticked.

c)The VT add-ins should then appear in the Excel menu. If not, restart Excel, repeat step 4 a), untick the VT add-ins, then retick them.

4.Enter your licence key and customer ID by selecting VT Final Accounts>Help>Register Software from the Add-ins menu in Excel. To obtain your licence key, please email with your VT Customer no. and/or postcode to request your up-to-date license key no.

5.Transfer your existing files:

Accounts workbooks (Excel files ending in .xlsx)

iXBRL files of accounts and tax computations (HTML files ending in .html)

Companies House submission files (VT Filer files ending in .vfi)

Company authentication code for Companies House (text files ending in .txt)

VT Transaction+ files (VT Transaction+ files ending in .vtr)

By default these files are saved in your documents folder but you may have chosen to save them elsewhere. You can transfer these files to your new    PC in the same was as any other computer file, for example by copying them to a USB memory stick and opening them from the memory stick and saving to your new PC.

6.If you are an agent submitting VAT returns using an agent services account, you will need to grant authority again (as the authorisation code will be stored on your old PC), select MTD and Tax Data>Grant Authority.