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Notes and note numbers

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A note is a set of rows and an associated note number. By convention, notes in VT Final Accounts have two blank rows following the last used row. For AutoHide purposes, the blank rows belong to the note above them.

The cell containing the number for a note (usually to the left of the note title) has a special name which identifies it as a note number to VT Final Accounts. Whenever AutoHide is re-evaluated or a new note inserted, revised numbers are automatically placed in the note number cells.

There is a button on the VT toolbar to insert and automatically number a new note. If for some reason you insert and create a note using standard Excel techniques instead, there is also a button on the VT Utility toolbar for defining a cell as a note number cell.

A reference to a note number (on sheets such as the profit and loss account or balance sheet) is achieved using a simple Excel formula pointing to the relevant note number cell on the Notes sheet.

Inserting new notes

You only need to insert a new note if a template does not contain all the required notes. This should be a rare event. Before inserting a new note, turn AutoHide off and make sure the outline of a suitable note does not already exist.

You could insert a new note using standard Excel techniques, but using the Insert New Note button is easier. It is also important that a new note is inserted starting at the correct row, or else you may inadvertently expand an AutoHide area belonging to another note. If you use the Insert New Note button, you will be warned if you chosen an incorrect row.

The step by step instructions are as follows:

1.Select any cell in the top row of the note above which the new note is to appear. If the new note is to be at the end, select a cell in the row three rows below the last used row. For more information, see the New Note command

2.Click on the Insert New Note button on the VT toolbar. A dialog will be displayed asking you what type of note you want

3.16 Insert New Note Insert New Note button

4.Depending on the type of note you have created, you will be asked if you want the note to be automatically hidden if it is blank. It is usually best to choose Yes.

A new note will be automatically inserted and numbered.

Modifying notes

To create additional blank rows in a note, right mouse click on a row number and choose Insert from the pop-up menu.

To insert a row linked to the trial balance, click on the Insert Financial Row button on the VT toolbar

15 Insert Fin Row Insert Financial Row button

To insert a paragraph of text, click on the Merge Cells And Wrap Text button on the VT toolbar

17 Merge cells Merge Cells And Wrap Text button

To create sub-total and total lines, select the cell and select a style from the style list on the VT toolbar

Style list