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VT Final Accounts

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VT Fact Viewer enables the tagged data in an iXBRL file to be displayed and reviewed.

VT Fact Viewer can be used to view any iXBRL file produced by any program. VT Fact Viewer is supplied free of charge.

A fact is the technical term for a tagged item of data in a document.


Simply choose the Open command or button in VT Fact Viewer, or right click on an iXBRL file in a folder and choose Open With VT Fact Viewer from the pop-up menu.

In VT Final Accounts, you are asked when you generate an iXBRL file if you want to display it in VT Fact Viewer.

In VT Filer, you can display the attached accounts in VT Fact Viewer by choosing the View>Accounts In VT Fact Viewer command.

The Document view


Screenshot of the Document tab in VT Fact Viewer

The Facts view


Screenshot of the Facts tab in VT Fact Viewer


VT Fact Viewer is included in the VT Accounts download or it can be downloaded separately. VT Fact Viewer is free. A license key does not need to be entered.