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VT Final Accounts

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The VT toolbar contains special print and preview buttons which print or preview all the sheets in the accounts in one go. Page numbering using these buttons is automatic.

10 Preview Accounts Preview Accounts button

09 Print Accounts Print Accounts button

Printing a set of accounts with the correct page numbers is normally extremely straightforward. However, problems do occasionally arise and these are discussed later in this section.

It is also possible to print (or preview) the accounts using the standard Excel print or preview buttons if you make a multiple selection of worksheets beforehand.

Page numbering

Automatic page numbering is achieved using the standard options available in the Excel Page Set Up dialog. The templates as supplied are already correctly set up for automatic page numbering. There should never be a need to alter the settings. If the settings have been altered for some reason, choose the Restore Page Number Settings command (VT Final Accounts File menu).

To achieve sequential page numbering, it is essential to use the Print or Preview buttons on the VT toolbar, or to make a multiple selection of sheets before using the Excel print or preview buttons.

Repeated titles

The top of a sheet containing the company name and sheet title is automatically printed at the top of each page if the sheet is more than one page long. This is achieved using the Rows to repeat at top setting on the Sheet tab of the Page Set Up dialog (in the Page Layout menu of Excel). Some users inadvertently increase this setting by inserting rows at the very top of the sheet. This causes unwanted parts of the sheet to be repeated.

Data input sheets

If you want to print out any of the input sheets, such as the TB, Data, Partners or CFWorkings sheets, select the sheet and click on the standard Excel print button.

Printing problems


Blank or unwanted pages

Sheet is reduced in size when printed