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VT Final Accounts

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Revised (amended) accounts

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Revised accounts by replacement can be submitted to Companies House. This feature is available in versions from April 2024. The latest version of VT Final Accounts can be downloaded from here.

To prepare and submit revised accounts

1.Open the original accounts workbook that you wish to revise and save this under a new name.

2.Select VT Final Accounts > File > Workbook Properties, then tick the option Accounts are revised (amended)


3.This creates a new sheet called Revision, which contains a set of statements.


4.The last two paragraphs are specific to your accounts. In here you should manually enter statements that:

state the respects in which the original annual accounts did not comply with the requirements of the Companies Act 2006

state any significant amendments made consequential upon the remedying of those defects

5.To enter this information, double-click on the paragraph, delete the entire text already there, then type in the information required. The penultimate paragraph is mandatory. If the last paragraph is not relevant, this can be left blank.

6.Make any amendments to the accounts. Amendments should be accounted for in the normal way, as if you were accounting for them in the first place.

7.Enter the new approval date of the revised accounts in the Approval date of the accounts by the board field in the Data Sheet.

8.Submit the revised accounts to Companies House in the normal way, using VT Filer.