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VT Final Accounts

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Templates, add-in programs and toolbars

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Templates are normal Excel workbooks saved in template format in the Save As dialog and have the file extension .xltx instead of the usual .xlsx extension. Templates are used to create new workbooks which can then be altered or edited without altering the original template. If a template is opened directly, it too can be edited just like any other Excel workbook. Any changes made to a template are reflected in all workbooks subsequently created using the template.

Tip If you want to make permanent changes to a template, open the template directly by choosing the Open Accounts Template command (VT Final Accounts File menu). For more help, see Modifying a template.

Add-in programs

Add-in programs enable third party developers such as VT Software to add toolbars, menu commands and features to extend the capabilities of Excel. Add-in features usually have the same look and feel as original Excel features. The VT add-in programs are written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which is supplied as a standard part of Excel. In other words, the only software used to create VT Final Accounts was Excel itself.

Add-in programs can be enabled or disabled at any time in the Excel Add-Ins dialog. Choose File>Options>Add-Ins>Manage Excel Add-Ins>Go.  When an add-in program such as VT Final Accounts is first enabled, it adds custom toolbars to the Add-Ins tab in Excel.  Even if you disable the add-in program, the toolbar remains.  Tip: To remove the VT toolbars, choose the Re-install/Delete VT Final Accounts Toolbars command from the VT Final Accounts View menu.

The add-in programs provided by VT Software are called VT Final Accounts, VT Function Library and VT Data Export. VT Final Accounts is a large program. We recommend that you normally disable it as an add-in to prevent it loading each time you start Excel. If you do this, it will not load until you click on a button on the VT toolbar.

The VT Function Library is a small program and we recommend that you leave it permanently enabled. You will then not be bothered with messages about links whenever you open a workbook based on one of the accounts templates. The VT Function Library contains the VTSWITCH function, which is used throughout the accounts templates to automate text which changes with the results such as Profit/(loss) for the year. It also contains functions used by workbooks linked to the VT Transaction accounting package.

The VT Data Export add-in enables accounts data for sole traders and partnerships to be exported to tax software packages. There is no need to enable this add-in unless you want to export data. VT Data Export can be used with any Excel workbook, not just the ones supplied with VT Final Accounts.

The VT MTD add-in enables VAT returns created in Excel to be submitted digitally to HMRC under MTD for VAT rules. For information on using VT MTD for Excel please refer to the VT Transaction+ user guide.


VT Final Accounts installs two toolbars called VT Main and VT Utility on the Add-Ins tab in Excel. To save screen space the VT Utility toolbar is usually hidden. The VT Utility toolbar contains buttons for features which are less frequently used. To display the VT Utility toolbar, choose the VT Options command from the VT Final Accounts Tools menu.

If you enable the VT Data Export add-in, a third toolbar called VT Data Export with a single button is also installed.

If you have lost your toolbars, or they are malfunctioning in some way, you can re-install the VT toolbars by choosing the Re-install/Delete VT Final Accounts Toolbars command from the VT Final Accounts View menu.

If the command is not available, make sure the VT Final Accounts add-in is ticked in the Excel Add-Ins dialog.

If the VT add-ins are not listed in the Add-Ins dialog, re-install VT Final Accounts.