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VT Final Accounts

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Workbook Properties dialog

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The Workbook Properties dialog enables you to select various options relating to the contents of a workbook, and to set the name and period ending dates for a business or company. You are asked if you want to display the Workbook Properties dialog when you create a new workbook. It can also be displayed by clicking on the Workbook Properties button on the VT toolbar.

03 Workbook Properties Workbook Properties button

The options in the Workbook Properties dialog can be changed at any time.

Wherever possible, you should use the Workbook Properties dialog to hide parts of the workbook not required instead of trying to do it yourself using standard Excel commands. For instance, you could hide the auditors report sheet yourself if a company does not require an audit. However, by choosing the No report option in the Workbook Properties dialog, all of the following are correctly altered at the same time:

The audit report in the filleted accounts

The wording on the balance sheets in the normal and filleted accounts

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