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The VT Accounts suite was first launched in 1997 and rapidly became popular.

VT's position as one of the leading accounts production package vendors was demonstrated by a series of surveys by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. The last survey in 2011 found both VT Final Accounts and VT Transaction+ to be the best performing products in their respective categories.

In 2009, the old VT Transaction was replaced by VT Transaction+ and major improvements were made to VT Final Accounts.

In 2011, VT Final Accounts was upgraded to produce iXBRL format accounts as required by HMRC. After the introduction of iXBRL, sales increased by 40%. VT managed to make generating iXBRL accounts a simple push button process, despite the underlying complexity of iXBRL.

In 2013, the VT Filer application was released and added to the VT Accounts suite. This application files iXBRL accounts electronically with Companies House.

In 2019 MTD for VAT was added to VT Transaction+ and VT Cash Book and a new Excel add-in, VT MTD for Excel released. VT MTD for Excel enables a VAT return in any Excel workbook to be submitted to HMRC. Many users were surprised by how easy MTD was in VT and the number of users increased significantly.
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