Transfer VT Software to another PC  

1. Ensure the other PC is compatible with the software

Firstly, please ensure your PC is compatible by checking the system requirements here.

New PCs may be preinstalled with the 64-bit, or Microsoft Store App version of Office, which are not compatible with our software. However, you can reinstall the 32-bit desktop version of Office.

2. Install the software on your other PC

To install VT Final Accounts and VT Transaction+, please download here. 

To install VT Transaction+ only, please download here.

VT MTD for Excel and VT Cash Book are included in both downloads.

3. Ensure VT Add-ins are activated (for VT Final Accounts subscribers only)

After installation you should see an Add-Ins menu in Excel which contains the VT add-ins(when you open any workbook).

If they are not visible, select File>Options>Add-Ins>Manage Excel Add-ins:Go.

You will then see a box with a list of Excel add-ins. Make sure the add-ins that start with VT are all ticked and that any non-VT add-ins that you do not use are unticked.

4. Enter your licence key and customer ID

In VT Transaction+, go to Help>Register Software.

For VT Final Accounts, open any Excel workbook and go to Add-Ins>VT Final Accounts>Help>Register Software.

5. Transfer of data

VT Transaction+

The transactions data is separate to the program itself, as it is stored on a file(s) ending in .vtr, for each company.

The .vtr file(s) will be saved on your old PC (by default to your Documents folder, or wherever you have chosen to save it).

Therefore, save the file(s) to an external drive, or cloud-based drive such as Dropbox (select File>Backup to any drive/folder in VT Transaction+), then restore this on your new PC (select File>Restore).

VT Final Accounts subscribers only

Your Accounts Workbooks are Excel files and will be saved on your old PC wherever you have chosen to save them.

Therefore, save these to an external drive and transfer to your new PC. Any xbrl files will also be saved on your PC and can be transferred in the same way.

6. Re-grant authority for MTD (for agents only)

If you are an agent submitting VAT returns using an agent services account, you will need to grant authority again (as the authentication code will be stored on your old PC), otherwise you should not need to grant authority again until the next HMRC expiration period.

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