Preparing for MTD for VAT (agents)    
Creating an agent services account
Before you can use MTD on behalf of clients you must create an agent services account with HMRC. Please note that this is different to an HMRC online services for agents account. Please see Create an agent services account on HMRC's web site. HMRC will issue you with a separate government gateway user ID and password for the agent services account.

Linking clients to your agent services account
After you have created an agent services account, you need to link your clients to it. Please see Copy across clients or authorise new ones for your agent services account on HMRC's web site.

Signing up clients for MTD

Before you can use MTD for a particular client their VAT records must be migrated on HMRC's computers from HMRC's old system to HMRC's MTD system. This is known as signing up for MTD. Please see the Sign up for MTD page on HMRC's web site. After a client has been signed up it can take up to 72 hours before their records are moved. HMRC usually send a confirmation email.

Check your agent services account
You can check your agent services account is set up by signing into it on HMRC's web site. VT are not currently clear if it shows a list of the VAT numbers that are both linked and signed up.

Granting authority
You do not need to enter your government gateway user ID and password every time you access a client's VAT records via VT. Instead, you just have to enter your credentials once. VT is then issued with an authorisation code by HMRC which it keeps and stores for up to 18 months. This process is known as granting authority.

To grant authority, choose the Grant Authority command or caption in any of the MTD enabled VT applications. This will open a special page on HMRC's web site in your normal web browser. Please then follow the instructions on HMRC's web site. You should enter the government gateway user ID and password for your agent services account when prompted. At the end of the process you will be asked to copy and paste an authorisation code into VT.

If you have ticked the Grant authority using an agent services account box in VT's Grant Authority dialog, the authorisation code is shared by all VT's applications and by all your linked clients.

VT is not able to provide support on the use of HMRC's web site. If necessary, please contact the HMRC online services helpdesk.
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