Remote support    

VT may sometimes wish to take remote control of your PC via the internet to resolve a support query using a connection tool called TeamViewer.

So that VT can connect to your PC, please download TeamViewer by following the instructions below.

(Alternatively, if you have Windows 10, you can use an application called Quick Assist, which is already installed on your PC.)

To install TeamViewer:

1. Click here to download the TeamViewer installation file.

2. A pop-up similar to the following should appear in the corner of your screen. Click on this, or choose Run or Open if prompted:

3. In the following dialog, select Default Installation, then Accept - next

4. Go to your Desktop and click on the TeamViewer icon to open the application:

5. When you open the application you will see an ID and password under Your ID and Password. Please provide these to us when asked over the telephone.

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