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Below are links to solutions to common issues and questions. In some cases, a simple download of the latest version of the software from VT's homepage may resolve an issue quickly, so it is worth trying this first, and in any case it is advisable to have the latest version of the software.


Cannot install VT Final Accounts due to 64-bit, or Windows App versions of MS Excel

Access violation error occurs when installing VT Final Accounts

Moving VT Software to another PC

Using VT Software on a network or cloud-based drive

VT Final Accounts, VT Filer and iXBRL

Accounting for Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) grants

Average number of employees tag requirement

The error value #NAME appears in cells

VT Final Accounts toolbar is missing


Grant authority connection issues

The MTD Error

VT Transaction+ and VT Cash Book

Sharing files using a cloud-based drive

Archiving old transactions

Run time error when opening the program

Run time error when opening a file

Importing transactions


Domestic reverse charge for construction services

VAT on EU sales and purchases after leaving the EU

Reverse charge VAT on services from abroad

Flat rate VAT

Old transactions appearing in current VAT return

Correcting mistakes on a VAT return
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