Number of employees tag requirement from Companies House

Companies House will soon require 'Average no. of employees' to be a mandatory item tagged in iXBRL accounts.

This is due to come into force on 13 July 2020.

Our latest templates in VT Final Accounts (April 2020 version) are ready for this change as they have 'Average no of employees' already tagged.

If you are using an older workbook, you can tag the no. of employees in the accounts workbook by selecting the cell containing the number and choosing VT XBRL>Set Tag Easy from the Add-Ins menu in Excel.

Furthermore, VT have been advised by Companies House that the average number of employees must be disclosed even when zero. In our latest templates, AutoHide has been removed from the Average number of employees note.

In old workbooks, if necessary, this can be achieved by selecting the note and choosing the VT Final Accounts>AutoHide>Remove All Areas From Region command.