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VT Final Accounts and VT MTD for Excel

VT Transaction+ etc

Platforms not supported
Platforms not supported

Incompatible versions of Office

The VT add-ins (VT Final Accounts and VT MTD) will not run in the following versions of Office:

  • 64-bit version

  • Microsoft Store / Windows App versions

  • Web and mobile app versions of Office
Apple Mac

None of VT's applications run directly on the Apple Mac operating system. They are for Windows only. In order to maintain a cost effective product, VT has not developed versions for the Mac.

However, modern Apple Macs contain the free Boot Camp utility which allows Windows to be run on a Mac. Parallels is a paid third-party application which performs a similar function. 

Web browser ("The cloud")

The VT packages are all for the Windows desktop. VT has no plans to develop applications that run in a web browser. However, you can choose to store the data for all VT's applications in the cloud using Dropbox or similar.

Windows XP, Windows Vista

Windows 7 or later (including Windows 11) is required for submitting VAT returns to HMRC.

Server installations

VT does not recommend installing the software on a server, and cannot provide support for any issues that arise due to server installations.
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