April 2024



VT Transaction+
VT MTD for Excel
VT Cash Book


Technical information

Changes and fixes
System requirements


VT Transaction+ download (Windows)


Full version: free for 60 days then a license key must be entered*

Click on the download link above to install or update the VT Transaction+ package.

*60 day trial can be taken once per PC. If using VT Cash Book only, without the MTD features, a license key is not required.

Please note:

  • VT Software does not have access to any data entered in the programs. This data is stored on a data file(s) on your PC. To back up the data file(s), please see Backing up data files.

  • If you use an Agent Services Account to submit MTD VAT returns, a full VT Accounts license is required even if you only use VT Transaction+.

Support documents

VT Transaction+ Quick Start
VT Cash Book Quick Start
Installation help

VT Transaction+ and VT MTD for Excel can be used for 60 days from first use before you have to enter a license key.

VT Cash Book can be used free of charge, except that after 60 days a VT Transaction+ license key is required if you wish to use the MTD features (including creating a new VAT return).