March 2023



VT Transaction+
VT MTD for Excel
VT Cash Book


Technical information

Changes and fixes
System requirements


VT Transaction+ download (Windows)


Full version: free for 60 days then a license key must be entered*

*60 day trial can be taken once per PC. If using VT Cash Book only, without the MTD features, a license key is not required.

Please note:

  • If you use an Agent Services Account to submit MTD VAT returns, a full VT Accounts license is required even if you only use VT Transaction+.

  • VT Software does not have access to any data entered in the programs. This data is stored on your PC. To back up this data, please see Backing up data files.

Support documents

VT Transaction+ Quick Start
VT Cash Book Quick Start
Installation help

VT Transaction+ and VT MTD for Excel can be used for 60 days from first use before you have to enter a license key.

VT Cash Book can be used free of charge, except that after 60 days a VT Transaction+ license key is required if you wish to use the MTD features (including creating a new VAT return).