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VT Transaction+

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Archiving old transactions

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If the size of the VT Transaction+ file (.vtr file) for a company has become quite large due to the volume of transactions, you may want to consider archiving older transactions.

There are two ways of doing this. Method 1 is quicker and simpler, but Method 2 reduces the size of the file further, so the method you choose will depend on your requirements.

Method 1: Purge transactions to a specified date

Select File>Maintenance>Purge Transactions, and enter the date up to which you want transactions to be purged. This summarises all transactions up to that date into a single journal with the reference beginning with PGS.

Method 2: Make a copy of the file excluding transactions

Select File>Make copy excluding transactions. This does exactly what it says, i.e. making a copy of the file without any transactions, so all your customer/supplier data etc. is retained. This is best done at the start of a new financial year otherwise you will need to re-enter transactions for the year-to-date in your new file.

You can import the opening balances from your old VT Transaction+ file. To do this, firstly export the closing trial balance from your old file by selecting Edit>Export Trial Balance, and select Export via: Clipboard. Then in your new file, select Edit>Import Trial Balance and select Import via: Clipboard.