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VT Transaction+

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Backing up data files

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Data entered in VT Transaction+ is stored on a data file on your PC. VT Software has no access to this data.

If you lose a VT Transaction+ data file, reconstructing the data may be very time consuming or even impossible. A file can be lost or damaged in several ways:

Your computer is stolen

You accidentally delete the file

Your hard disk, computer or network fails or corrupts files

The data file (ending in .vtr for VT Transaction+, and .vcb for VT Cash Book) contains all the transactions and other data you have entered for the business. This file is saved by default in your Documents folder.

It is therefore important to make regular back up copies of this file, and store them in a separate location.

To back up your data file:

to an external hard drive or USB memory stick: insert the drive into your PC and select the File>Backup to Removable Drive command;


to a drive/folder listed on your PC (including network drives and cloud storage drives): select the File>Backup to Any Drive/Folder command and choose the desired drive/folder.

The back up commands create a copy of the data file in the selected drive/folder.

To restore data from a back up:

In the event that your main VT data file is lost of corrupted and you need to restore from a backed up copy of the file, select File>Restore

Please note it is not recommended to open the backed up file directly from a USB memory stick; copy or move the file to your PC before opening.