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Data used by an invoice

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The content and appearance of an invoice is based on the information and options you choose in the invoice entry dialog and on the following items of required data (you are prompted to enter any missing data when you click on the SIN button):

The name, address, telephone number, logo (optional) and VAT registration number (if applicable) of your company/business. These are set up in the Set Up > Company Properties dialog.

The name and address of your customer. This can be set up by choosing the Set Up > Accounts > Customers command.

The descriptions and prices of the products and services that you are selling. These are set up in the Set Up > Invoices > Products and Services dialog (for more details see Products and services topic).

A list of the different credit terms that you grant customers. These are set up in the Set Up > Invoices > Credit Terms dialog (for more details see Credit terms topic).

The layout of an invoice is based on a template. These can be modified or you can set up your own in the Set Up > Invoices > Templates dialog (for more details see Invoice templates topic).