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Emailing an invoice

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Note: Before emailing an invoice, make sure you have entered the invoice using the SIN function (not the SIN function):


as described in Raising a sales invoice.

To email an invoice to a customer, select the Email... button in the invoice entry (SIN) dialog:


Alternatively, select Display > Transaction list/daybook > SIN to display a list of sales invoices, click on the icon next to the invoice reference that looks like a piece of paper, then select the Email button:



The actions above will generate an email with the invoice attached as a PDF file from your default email program. However you must have a MAPI compliant mail program installed as the default mail program on your PC as explained in Emailing from VT Transaction+.

If you have entered an email address in the customer's record, this will automatically appear in the To: field in the email. You can add their email address to their record by selecting Set up > Accounts > Customers [Select Customer] > Properties > Contact.

Alternative method

You can generate a PDF file of the invoice to save to your PC, and email it later. To do this, follow the instructions above but select the PDF... button instead of the Email... button which will save a PDF file of the invoice.


You can then attach the PDF file to an email in the same way you normally attach files to emails.