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VT Transaction+

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Emailing a data file

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There are two ways of emailing a VT Transaction+ data file:

Choose the Send As Email Attachment command from the File menu of VT Transaction+. This method will only work if you have installed a compliant email program and set it as the default email program on your PC. It does not work for web browser based email accounts.


Manually attach the file in your email program. The exact method depends on your email program, but in general, you create an email and click on the attach button. This button normally has an image of a paperclip or the word 'Attach' on it.


After clicking the attach button, you are asked to select the file from your PC that you want to attach. Go to the folder containing the VT Transaction+ data file and select it.        

See also: Receiving a data file by email.

If the file is too large for your email program

You can compress the file by going to the folder on Windows where your file is saved, right-clicking on the file and selecting Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder (Show more options > Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder in Windows 11).

Send to compressed

Sharing a data file

Alternatively, you can save the file to a cloud storage drive installed on your PC and share the file to another person's account on the same cloud storage service. For more details see Accessing a data file on different PCs using a cloud storage service.