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Submitting a VAT return to HMRC

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Before carrying out the steps below, make sure you have:

ticked the VAT registered box and entered your VAT registration number in the VAT dialog (Set Up > VAT)

entered VAT on the transactions to be included in your VAT return (If you need to apply VAT to existing transactions, follow the steps at Apply VAT to existing transactions)

granted authority - instructions are given at Setting up MTD: businesses, or Setting up MTD: agents if you are an agent using a HMRC Agent Services Account

Submit a VAT return

The screenshots below refer to VT Transaction+, however the steps are the same whether you use VT Transaction+ or VT Cash Book. If you are using VT MTD for Excel, please follow the steps at VT MTD For Excel instead.

1)In the file for the company/business you want to submit a return for, click on the VAT icon in the main toolbar:


2)Click on New VAT return:


3)Enter the VAT return dates and click on Continue, for example:


4)The VAT return is generated. Click on Save:


5)You only need to click on Yes to the following message if you want to record a payment to HMRC straight away. Otherwise click on No:


6)To submit the VAT return, click on the VAT icon again:


7)Select the saved return, then click on Submit VAT return to HMRC. If you get an error at this point, see Errors when submitting a VAT return:


If you encounter any error when submitting a VAT return, see Errors when submitting a VAT return.

Points to note

Flat rate scheme - if you are on the flat rate scheme for VAT you cannot submit the VAT return using the method described above. Please refer to Flat rate scheme instead.

Other VAT transactions - if you need to enter VAT transactions such as reverse charge VAT and VAT on imports/exports, please refer to the relevant help topics in this chapter:

oDomestic reverse charge VAT for construction services

oSales of goods abroad

oSales of services abroad

oPurchase of goods from abroad

oPurchases of services from abroad

VAT on pre-registration purchases - if you need to reclaim input VAT on purchases made before VAT registration, see Pre-VAT registration purchases.

Old transactions appearing on current VAT return - the VAT return picks up all transactions within the scope of VAT that have not been included in a previous return. This includes any that are dated before the current return. These older transactions are easily identifiable as they appear in pink in the Output VAT and Input VAT sheets on the VAT return. If you do not need to include these transactions in the current return, you can exclude them by deleting the current return, creating a dummy VAT return for the period covering the older transactions, then creating the current return again. For more details see Old transactions appearing on current VAT return.

Transactions do not appear on VAT return - if you are expecting transactions to appear on a VAT return and this is likely due to entering the transactions after you have saved the return. Delete the return, then re-run it and the transactions should be included. See Transactions do not appear on VAT return.

Entering transactions after saving a VAT return - transactions entered after a VAT return is saved are not automatically updated to the return. If you have saved a return and need to enter more transactions to be included in that return, delete the return, enter the transactions, then create the VAT return again.

Correcting mistakes on a VAT return - see Correcting mistakes on VAT returns.