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Invoice templates

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The visibility, location, appearance, size and font of the various elements of an invoice are determined by an invoice template. Templates can be set up or altered and the default template specified in the Set Up > Invoices > Templates dialog. The default template is initially selected when you display the invoice entry dialog unless a different template has previously been used for the selected customer.

The goods landscape, goods portrait, service and professional templates are built into the software. However, you can modify these or create new templates based on any existing template. All the templates are essentially the same but with different options chosen in the properties dialog for the template. The main differences are in the columns shown. The goods templates include all possible columns while the professional template displays only the Description and Total columns (the other columns are hidden and could subsequently be displayed). Also the column headers are not shown in the professional template.

Double click on a template in the Set Up > Invoices > Templates dialog to change the properties of a template. The Template Properties dialog has various tabs with options for the inclusion of items. It also has a special Document and Page Setup tab. If you click on the Edit button on this tab the template is shown in the VT Document Editor dialog. In this dialog you can move items on the invoice to different positions and change various properties such as their font. You can also add static items of text or an additional logo. However, please note that the document editor is difficult to use. In particular, the positions of many items are linked and this can cause confusion. If you mess up, you can always choose the Cancel button in the editor dialog or click the Restore button at any subsequent time on the Document and Page Setup tab.