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Purchases of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The following information is for general guidance only and should not be taken as definitive VAT advice, since individual circumstances may vary. To determine the VAT treatment for your particular transactions please refer to HMRC guidance or seek tax advice from an accountant.

Accounting for purchases of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland on VT Transaction+

Purchases of goods between NI and GB are generally accounted for as domestic purchases within the UK for VAT purposes.

Domestic purchases can be accounted for in VT Transaction+ in the normal manner, i.e. by entering the purchase using the PIN, PAY or CHQ transaction, and entering UK VAT at the appropriate rate in the Input VAT field.

Completing your VAT Return

When the VAT return is run, the appropriate boxes will be populated with the required values, e.g. for a purchase of £100.00 net and £20.00 VAT:

VAT return element

Included in VAT return

Amounts included £

Input VAT reclaimable

Box 4


Net value of purchase

Box 7