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Raising a sales invoice

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Before creating your first invoice

Set up your organisation's address by selecting Set Up>Company Properties>Name and Address.

Set up the customer by following the steps at Creating customers and suppliers.

Set up a product or service for the invoice as follows:

oSelect Set Up>Invoices>Products and Services

oThe Products And Services window then appears; select New:

Products and services

oComplete the details required in the New Product/Service window and click on OK; the Unique name or code is the name or code you give the product or service:


oYou will then see the item listed in the Products And Services window; close this window

Prod and servs

To raise a sales invoice

Ensure you have set up the various details mentioned in the section above (If you have not, you will see messages prompting you to do so when selecting the SIN function.).

Select the SIN function SINunderscore (not the SIN function) and select the drop-down under the Name/code header to choose the product(s) or service(s) you created in the section above. The amount in the Price column will be the price entered when you created the product, however you can overwrite this amount with any figure.

Sales invoice2

If you need to change any other details on the invoice, see Data used by an invoice and Customising invoices.

To print or email the invoice before saving click on Print or Email... buttons.

To save the invoice, click on the Save button.

To print or email the invoice after saving, select Display>Transaction list/daybook>SIN to display a list of sales invoices and click on the icon next to the invoice reference that looks like a piece of paper. This opens a print preview window with options to print and email the invoice. For more details, see Printing an invoice or Emailing an invoice.