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Setting up MTD for VAT: businesses

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This section is for businesses submitting their own VAT return. If you are an agent using an agent services account, see Setting up MTD: agents instead.

The screenshots below refer to VT Transaction+, however the steps are the same whether you use VT Transaction+, VT Cash Book or VT MTD for Excel, unless otherwise stated.

1.Grant authority

 Granting authority only needs to be done once every 18 months:

a)In the file for the company/business you want to submit a return for, click on the VAT icon, then Grant authority:

(Or if you are using VT MTD for Excel, firstly create your return as instructed at Using MTD for Excel: VAT return in any format, then from the main menu in Excel, select Addins > VT MTD > Grant Authority)

b)Click on Grant authority to VT Transaction+ / VT Cash Book / VT. Do not tick the box marked 'I'm using my Agent Services Account for this client'.


c)Click on OK on the screen that follows.

d)The following page opens in your web browser. Click on Continue (If this page does not open, see Grant authority errors.):


a)Click on Sign in to Government Gateway:


g)Enter your Government Gateway user ID and password and click on Sign in:

If you cannot find this ID, search for 'Government Gateway user ID' in your emails. Alternatively, go to the Problems signing in section, select 'I have forgotten my Government Gateway user ID' and follow the instructions given. If necessary, you may need to call HMRC on 0300 200 3700 (+44 292 050 1261 from outside the UK).

h)Click on Give permission:


i)An authorisation code is generated. Click on the Copy button:


j)Go back into VT and you should see the following dialog. Click on the Paste button, then click on OK:

If you cannot see this dialog, close and re-open VT, open the Grant Authority dialog as shown in step 1a), and click on 'I have just granted authority and want to enter the authorisation code'.

k)You should then see the following confirmation message that authority has been granted. Click on OK:


2.Submit your VAT return

How authorisation codes are stored in the software

The authorisation code issued to VT for a business is stored in the VT Transaction+ file, VT Cash Book file or Excel workbook depending on which program you have used to grant authority. Authority is valid on any PC used to open the same VT file or workbook. You can cancel the authority at any time by clicking on the Forget authority caption in the Grant Authority dialog.

Therefore if you transfer your VT files or Excel workbooks to another other PC, you should not need to grant authority again until the 18 month period has expired.