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The Payments And Receipts entry method

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The Payments And Receipts entry method is a fast way of entering a mixture of any number of payments, cheque payments and receipts in a single dialog. Cheque payments are identical to payments except that they have a different number series. The method is especially useful if you are entering transactions directly from bank statements.

To display the Payments And Receipts dialog, click on the P+R button on the main toolbar.

You do not have to use the Payments And Receipts dialog. Instead, you can click on the individual PAY, CHQ and REC buttons. These dialogs have the following advantages:

A separate description (in addition to the payee’s name) can be entered against each analysis entry

A transaction can be marked as being for the sale of goods to/from the EC, and the VAT due on EC acquisitions entered

A transaction can be denominated in a foreign currency (if currencies are set up)

Notes (text any number of lines/paragraphs long) can be recorded with the transaction