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VAT - quick start

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(Note: If you would rather submit a VAT return from a spreadsheet than using VT Transaction+, please refer to VT MTD For Excel.)

If you have already done any of the steps below, you can skip to the next step.

1.Set up your VAT details

Enter your VAT registration number in VT Transaction+ by selecting Set Up>VAT. If you have registered with HMRC for the cash accounting scheme for VAT, tick the 'VAT cash accounting' box. If you are a business in Northern Ireland or the EU, tick the 'Business is situated in Northern Ireland or the EU' box:

VAT setup

2.Enter VAT on transactions

You can then enter VAT in the VAT box of the transaction entry dialog when entering a transaction. For more information on entering VAT please refer to Entering VAT.

If you need to reclaim input VAT on purchases made before VAT registration, see Pre-VAT registration purchases.

If you need to enter more complex VAT transactions such as domestic reverse charge VAT and VAT on overseas transactions, please refer to the relevant help topics in this chapter:

Domestic reverse charge VAT for construction services

Sales of goods abroad

Sales of services abroad

Purchase of goods from abroad

Purchases of services from abroad

3.Set up MTD (Making Tax Digital) for VAT

Before you can submit a VAT return to HMRC, you must be set up for MTD. Please follow the steps at Setting up MTD: businesses; or Setting up MTD: agents (if you are an agent submitting VAT returns through your Agent Services Account). For more information on MTD, please refer to the MTD for VAT chapter.

4.Generate and submit a VAT return

Note: If you are on the flat rate scheme, refer to Flat rate scheme instead.

a)Click on the VAT button on the toolbar at the top of the screen:

VAT icon

b)Select New VAT return:

VAT return2

c)Specify the period for the VAT return:

Vat return dates

d)This generates the VAT return on the right of the window. For further information on generating a VAT return, please refer to Creating a VAT return.

VAT return
Note: you may see transactions in the VAT return with a date older than the current VAT period. This happens if you have entered transactions with a status of within the scope of VAT, dated before the current VAT return, that have not been included in a previous VAT return created in the same file. You may or may not need to include the older transactions. If you do not, you can exclude them by deleting the current return, creating a dummy VAT return for the period covering the older transactions, then re-running the current return - for more details please refer to Old transactions appearing on current VAT return.

e)Click on the VAT button VAT icon again to return to the VAT return window. To submit the VAT return, click on it from the list of returns on the left and select Submit VAT return to HMRC:

Submit VAT return

f)To pay a VAT return, please refer to the steps in Paying a VAT return

If you get a 'MTD mismatch' error, either the VAT registration number you have entered is wrong or you have not correctly set up MTD. Please refer to The MTD Error for details.

If you get a 'Internal server' error, either there is an issue with HMRC's servers or the sign-up process for MTD is incomplete. Please refer to Server errors for details.