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VT Final Accounts

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A companion product, VT Final Accounts, produces statutory accounts in Microsoft Excel* templates, from the trial balance stage upwards.

The accounts are professionally formatted and can be printed to a PDF file, and also filed electronically with Companies House in a few easy steps.

VT Final Accounts also produces accounts for unincorporated businesses.

VT Final Accounts integrates seamlessly with VT Transaction+ and VT Cash Book, however you do not have to use VT Transaction+ or VT Cash Book to use VT Final Accounts, as you can import any trial balance into VT Final Accounts.

A trial balance can be brought into VT Final Accounts by various means, including:

importing from a CSV or text file

entering manually

linking to trial balance in a VT Transaction+ or VT Cash Book file.

VT Final Accounts can read and write VT Transaction+ and VT Cash Book files directly, without the need for the respective application to be open.

For guidance on using VT Final accounts, please click on the following links:

VT Final Accounts Quick Start

VT Final Accounts User Guide

*Requires the 32-bit desktop version of Microsoft Excel/Office/365.