April 2024


VT Final Accounts
VT Filer
VT Transaction+
VT Cash Book
VT Fact Viewer
VT MTD for Excel

Technical information

Changes and fixes
System requirements

VT Accounts Suite download (Windows)

Note: This version of VT Accounts has been updated for the 2023 taxonomy, which is mandatory for accounts ending after 31 March 2024. If you use a desktop corporation tax application to populate your CT600 from a VT XBRL file, you should ensure that you have also updated that application to the latest version.

Full version: free for 60 days then a license key must be entered*

Click on the download link above to install or update the VT Accounts Suite of programs.

*60 day trial can be taken once per PC. Trial includes access to all features apart from generating fully valid iXBRL files.

Please note:

  • 32-bit Microsoft Excel is required (compatible versions: desktop versions of Excel/Office 2003, 2010 to 2021, and Microsoft 365*, but not Excel 2007).

  • 64-bit Microsoft Excel is not compatible but your Office /365 license allows you to install the 32-bit desktop version of Office/365*

*All Microsoft 365 plans include the desktop version of Excel, except the Business Basic plan

Support documents

VT Final Accounts Quick Start
VT Transaction+ Quick Start
VT Cash Book Quick Start
Installation help


VT Final Accounts, VT MTD for Excel, VT Filer and VT Transaction+ can be used for 60 days from first use before you have to enter a license key.

VT Fact Viewer and VT Cash Book can be used free of charge, except that after 60 days the MTD features in VT Cash Book (including creating a VAT return) require a VT Transaction+ license key.

The un-licensed versions of the software are fully functioning except that any iXBRL files generated do not contain certain technical features required by HMRC and Companies House. However, they can be re-generated as soon as you have entered a license key.